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A) Submit your complaints, grievances to Government Information Centre

You can call 1919 and submit your complaints or grievances about government services or officers who are not carrying out their duties.
Results: During last two years GIC call centre has received 1170 complaints and resolved 35% of those complaints by assiginging to focal points appointed by govt organizations.

B) Submit your complaints or grievances electronically to GIC website
You can also submit the complaint or grievance electronically to the complaint page of GIC website (
Results: GIC web site has received 311 complaints in 2012 and resolved 60% of those complaints by assigning to focal points appointed by govt organizations.

C) Give your suggestions and proposals to improve the good governance

You can use the “Citizen Forum” which is newly introduced here to submit your proposal.
If your proposal is for an existing service please use the GIC suggestions link Forum.